Programming v. 45

Hope you guys enjoyed the gymnastics focus the last four weeks. As of tomorrow you are entering a phase with focus on olympic lifting! The first week is one crazy week, so, take a chill pill and remember, always remember the titans! And that your form is much more important than your weights! Can I get an amen!?
Bon appétit! 

Måndag | Monday

7 sets of:
1 Power Snatch
1 Over Head Squat
1 Snatch Balance
1 Squat Snatch

E3MOM x 6
10 Russian KBS, 32/24 kg
5 Burpees
20 seconds Row (Hard!)

CrossFit RX
Shhhhyyy its a secret

Tisdag | Tuesday

Buy in: 100 Double-Unders

30 Pull-ups
30 Thrusters, 30/20 kg
30 Toes to Bar
20 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
20 Thrusters, 40/30 kg
20 Toes to Bar
10 Bar Muscle-ups
10 Thrusters, 60/40 kg
10 Toes to Bar

Cash out: 100 Double-Unders
Timecap: 30 minutes

Onsdag | Wednesday

- No touch and go

12-minute AMRAP, of:
21 Burpee Over Bar
12 Hang Power Cleans, 60/42.5 kg

Torsdag | Thursday

A. 3 rounds, for time, of:
8 Alternating DB Snatches, 22.5/15 kg
8 Alternating Pistols
Timecap: 3 minutes

Rest 3 minutes

B. 3-minute AMRAP, of:
8 Box Jump Over
16 Mountain Climbers

Rest 3 minutes

C. 3-minute EMOM, of:
1. Cal SkiErg
2. Air Squats
3. Push-ups

Rest 3 minutes

Repeat the one more time! 

Fredag | Friday

7 sets of:
1 Power Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Squat Clean

E3MOM x 5, of:
1 Deadlift @ 75% of 1RM
2 Bar Muscle-ups
3 Deadlifts @ 75% of 1RM 
4 Handstand Push-ups


EMOM:  Every minute on the minute

AMRAP:  As many rounds as possible

WOD:  Workout of the day

STRENGTH: The quality or state of being physically strong. 

CONDITIONING: Make a person fit and healthy.

BARBELL: A long metal bar to which discs of varying weights are attached at each end, used for weightlifting.

PLYOMETRICS: A form of exercise that involves rapid and repeated stretching and contracting of the muscles, designed to increase strength.

PRACTICE: Repeated exercise in or performance of an activity or skill so as to acquire or maintain proficiency in it.

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