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Heck yes!
Let's open a can of whoop ass!
Here you have this week's programming and it's best served with a smile (so imagine me smiling while you read it and while you do it).
Hope you enjoy it.

Remember: when you're working out, always think about how goddamn strong you are, because you are!  

Måndag | Monday

25 minutes EMOM, of:
6/6 KB Front Rack Lunges, right arm
8 Sitting Strict Presses
6/6 KB Front Rack Lunges, left arm
30 seconds Hollow Rock
30 seconds Superman

Death by Thrusters, 42.5/30 kg

Tisdag | Tuesday

5x10 Back Squat
- 2010 (2 seconds down, no pause, 1 second up, no pause)

100 Burpee KB Carry Over Box, 20/12 kg
Timecap: 20 minutes

Onsdag | Wednesday

4 rounds NOT for time, of:
6/6 Cossack Squats
6/6 Renegade Rows
12 Rubber band Biceps Curls
12 Climbing Plank

4 rounds, of:
1/1 Turkish Get-up, 24/16 kg
16 Double-Unders
1 Handstand Push-ups
Rest 2 minutes

2 rounds, of:
2/2 TGU, 24/16 kg
32 DU

Rest 2 minutes
1 round, of:
4/4 TGU, 24/16 kg
64 DU
Timecap: 30 minutes

Torsdag | Thursday

In teams of 3
40 minutes AMRAP, of:

500 m Row
Overhead Squat, 42.5/30 kg

500 m Row
Iranian Get-ups, 25/15 kg

- All three Athletes need to do both stations, then the team moves on to
B, then back to A and then to B and so forth for 40 minutes. Switch when
rower is done.

Fredag | Monday

5x10 Deadlift
- 1121 (1 second up, 1 second pause, 2 seconds down, 1 second pause)

60 One-legged Squats
50 Wallball Shots, 9/6 kg
40 Box Jumps
Timecap: 15 minutes

STRENGTH: The quality or state of being physically strong. 

CONDITIONING: Make (a person or animal) fit and healthy.

BARBELL: A long metal bar to which discs of varying weights are attached at each end, used for weightlifting.

PLYOMETRICS: A form of exercise that involves rapid and repeated stretching and contracting of the muscles, designed to increase strength.

PRACTICE: Repeated exercise in or performance of an activity or skill so as to acquire or maintain proficiency in it.

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  • OVO Cobra • 17 juli 2017 10:04:37
    Ser ut som en tuff vecka.


Lunch class! In teams of three 40 min AMRAP, of: 500 m Row OHS, 42.5/30 kg Rest Switch when rower is done and when everyone have done one round at each station, head into... 500 m Row Iranian Get-ups, 25/15 kg Rest Rotate above to parts for 40 minutes! #crossfit #crossfitsödermalm #crossfitsodermalm #crossfitsweden #wod #conditioning #workoitoftheday #fitness #row #concept2 #barbell #ohs #overheadsquat #rest #norest #team #teamspirit #crossfitatockholm #crossfitsthlm
Dagens workout 100 burpees boxstep over with KB 20/12 kg Time Cap 20 min . . . . . . #crossfit #crossfitsodermalm #cfswe #gym #fitness #programming #cardio #träning #builtbynima
Vill ni ha så här kul en fredagskväll? Häng med på Intro-pass på bästa @crossfitsodermalm Här är alla välkomna! Idag körde vi tre stationer med crossfit-övningar blandat med lite löpning. Deltagarna körde 2 varv på sin station innan de sprang 200 meter. Sedan fortsatte de så i 15 min innan de bytte till nästa station. . A 10 burpees 10 squats 10 KBS 10 pushups . B 10 pull ups 10 sit ups 10 wall balls 10 boxjumps . C 10 KB dead lifts 10 jumping squats 10 good mornings 10 goblet squats . 45 min AMRAP 15 min/station . #crossfitsödermalm #cfsweden #cfswe #intro #grymtkört #härligtjobbat #bästagänget
Jumping squats var en övning på dagens AMRAP-pass. Vissa gjorde dem bättre än andra. Grymt jobbat gänget. Ni är fantastiska! . A 10 burpees 10 squats 10 KBS 10 pushups . B 10 pull ups 10 sit ups 10 wall balls 10 boxjumps . C 10 dead lifts 10 jumping squats 10 good mornings 10 goblet squats . 2 varv på respektive station och sedan 200 meter löpning och så övningarna igen...... . 45 min AMRAP efter 15 min byter vi station . #crossfitsödermalm #amrap #cfsweden #bästastället #fyrtifemminutersjobb
Todays wod is 3 RFT 100 DU 25 T2B Timecap 15 min Scaled version 300 SU 25 T2KB . . . . . #crossfit #crossfitsodermalm #cfswe #gym #fitness #programming #cardio #gettingthere #training #träning #builtbynima